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The difficulty with most alternative treatments is that there is no quantitative evidence to show how effective they are. The evidence is mainly anecdotal – you may hear the success stories, but the ones who weren’t so lucky are often not around to be a voice to the contrary. The difficulty with orthodox treatments is that laboratory studies and real life are not the same. Studies of orthodox treatments do not compare one against the other, so it is hard to know which will work better in real life. Doctors can only administer treatments based on what they’ve been taught and what their experience has shown, and they are constrained by cost and legal liability.

The purpose of this survey is to try to build an impartial database from the patients themselves or their families. If enough people complete this survey honestly, then visitors to this site will be able to get useful statistics to help them in their decision making.

E.g. If you or someone you know had been diagnosed with Breast cancer, you could search the database and find which treatments had most often resulted in patients achieving remission.

You could also see which were the most common causes for people with this type of cancer.

Note: As this can be filled out by the patient or by their family, the patient will be referred to as “the patient”

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